PROFESSIONALS like doctors spend a fortune in pursuing academics, start working at an older age and often spend the first few years into their profession earning just enough to keep pace with their educational loan repayments. They typically marry late and are required to spend on their children well into their old age. Their fascination for real estate leaves them with little to invest in more liquid assets and a lot for Primassure to do, vide the Primassure Practice Perfect Plan for professionals.

Some of the unique money challenges faced by established doctors include:
Investment choices: The demands of a medical career keep rising with every jump in income, leaving you hard pressed for time to research all of the investing options available and therefore some of the best options are left out or worse, there is a mismatch between your goals and the option selected.

Retirement planning: Asset allocation should shift to reflect your ideal retirement timeline and lifestyle. The demands of an ever-changing medical specialty may scarce leave you the time to monitor and reallocate your portfolio, at a time when it is most needed.

Cash-flow management: We undertake cash-flow planning to ensure that you can sustain your lifestyle while at the same time preserving your wealth as you transition from active practice to retirement.

With nearly 100 doctors working with us, Primassure Wealth is uniquely suited to address the challenges of managing the personal wealth of physicians and medical professionals as well as addressing the cash flow complexities associated with you running your practice.
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