WORKING WOMEN, even in this day and age, are normally paid less than their male counterparts. They also have more than their share of responsibilities towards the family. Even the most career conscious woman is compelled to take regular breaks from work, in order to take care of family members- be it the spouse, maternity and growing children or aging parents, often resulting in unsettling job changes and diminished career growth. The bottom line is that women end up saving less and remain dependent on their spouses for their financial needs. Add to this the fact that they normally outlive their spouses and you can see why financial planning for women is a challenge in itself, a challenge that the Primassure Pristine Plan endeavors to meet head on.

As a woman, you are likely to face different financial challenges than men, including:
Time at Work:Because they spend less time in the workforce to care for children and parents, some women earn less income and retirement savings over the course of their careers than men.

Earning Less: Research shows many women don’t negotiate pay. Over time, the salary gap between men and women becomes significant, and this gap matters for women as they transition to retirement.

Longer Retirement: Women, on average, live longer than men. This longevity creates a need for more retirement savings.

Divorce/Separation: In many marriages, women delegate financial planning responsibilities to their husbands, while they take on responsibilities for raising children and maintaining the household. A divorce or separation forces many women to go it alone financially, determining how to settle property as part of a divorce, develop a budget and plan for retirement.

Widowhood: The death of a husband forces a wife to take over money management, settle a husband’s estate and return to work, all while grieving. Each of these new financial responsibilities come up during times of extreme stress.
Pair these unique challenges with a startling statistic. Only 1 percent of Indian women report financial confidence. Clearly, most financial advisors aren’t meeting the needs of female investors. At Primassure Wealth Advisory, we recognize that financial planning for women is unique.

That’s why Primassure Wealth’s financial planning for women takes these special characteristics into consideration. We specialize in helping women reach their financial objectives in wealth preservation, retirement, budgeting, tax planning and wealth transfer. The unique needs of female investors should be respected and met with unique financial products and services.

Set Your Future with Our Unique Approach to Financial Planning for Women: Each woman deserves unique strategies for her unique situation. Let’s get to work on a long-term plan to build your wealth on your timeline, for your goals, in your risk tolerance.
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