Retirement Planning

As the average lifespan continues to rise, one can expect to spend a significantly larger portion of his/ her lifetime in retirement. This phase is normally characterized by diminished earnings, when in fact, the expenses towards lifestyle and medical expenses are on the rise. The Primassure Prime Plan is designed to tackle this double whammy with an approach that seeks to hedge RETIREES against inflation and other economic risks, enabling them to enjoy their golden years with dignity.

Primassure LLP cover each one and explain why it matters to your retirement wealth. Special considerations include:
Longevity: Congrats to you if members of your family tend to be long-lived. If you retire at 65 and live into your 90s, you’ll need 30 years of retirement income.
Inflation: The cost of everyday goods — groceries, healthcare, fuel, etc. — keeps going up. This means your purchasing power, if you’re on a fixed income, could go down.
Risk tolerance: Do you have time, and can you handle some risk? The stock market could be a better place to grow your money vs. safer alternatives with lower returns.
Taxes: If you haven’t considered the impact of taxes on your retirement, you’re not alone. This commonly overlooked retirement expense can change your retirement position in a significant way.

Is It Time to Start Early Retirement Planning? Early retirement obviously has a huge appeal. But how do you know if you’re ready to take the plunge?
The following qualifications could indicate readiness:
During a financial planning session, we’ll talk with you about the various angles of retirement readiness. Calculate how much you’d need to live on in early retirement and lock yourself into that constraint for six months. If you can live on this presumed retirement income, you could be ready for retirement.

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